Elizabeth Wilkins

Profile Updated: February 25, 2011
Residing In: Crofton, MD USA
Occupation: Librarian
Children: 3 cats: Frick, Scoop, and Wolfman
(I didn't name them!)
Yes! Attending Reunion

My first "real" job after my undergrad at Salisbury was working as an District Execuitive for the Boy Scouts.
When my mother became ill, I moved back home and had a few different jobs.
In Aug 1998, I was hired by Prince Georges County Memorial Public Library System as a paraprofessional-Library Associate. I worked a few years and then went back to school while working to earn my Masters of Library Science. Now I supervise 5 staff and act as Assistant Branch Manager. The offical job title is Librarian III.

My parents are both gone now (Mom in 1986 and Dad in 1992.) I just lost mom's sister this Jan and I'm still reeling from the loss.

School Story:

I remember the announcement near the end of the day near the end of the year:

"Will the party or parties responsible for placing Ms. Hack's VW Bug in the Chemistry Lab, please put it back into the parking lot NOW!"

I think a few of the parites involved were class of '77.... Anyone care to fess up? I would have loved to see a movie of how that car was disassembled, carried up the stairs, and reassembled in the Chem Lab.

I remember spending lunch-times in Sr. Murray's classroom.....

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